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Last modified at 4/21/2015 2:34 PM by Zoran Stanisic

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About Pulse BI Wiki

This Wiki site contains documentation about the Pulse BI business intelligence implementation.  The documentation is targeted towards business analysts, developers, administrators, as well as users of the system.  The About Pulse BI Wiki page contains following information:

  1. Wiki Site Structure: describes the structure of the site, and how the documentation should be arranged.
  2. Page Structure and Formatting: describes how the pages will be structured and formatted.
  3. Contact: defines who to contact for further information regarding this site.


Wiki Site Structure

The picture below shows the high level breakdown of the Pulse BI Wiki site:

The Documents library contains different documents that can be stored on the site.  The Images library contains differen images that can be stored on the site, and displayed in Wiki pages, just like to picture above.  The Pages library contains all Wiki pages, while the Workflow Tasks library is used to support workflow process.


Page Structure and Formatting

Below are the guidelines for structure and formatting of each page:

  • Link to Previous Page.  Each page should have a link to the higher level page at the beginning, thus allowing quick navigation while in Wiki site.
  • Page Title.  Each page should start with the page title.
  • Page Summary.  A description of the content of the page should be provided below the title, with the list of sections provided on the page.  A link should be available to the bookmarks defined for every section.
  • Sections.  Each section will start with section title, followed by the section text.  Only one level of section hierarchy will be provided on every page.
  • Formatting.  Use default Marky Styles for formatting: Paragraph for body text and tables, Heading 1 for titles, and Heading 2 for section headings.
  • Bookmarks.  Create bookmarks for each section heading.  Use heading name with spaces removed for easier referencing.



For questions about this Wiki site please contact Zoran Stanisic (