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The primary mission of the Accounting department is to maintain the integrity of the College‚Äôs accounting system by maintaining and reviewing the general ledger.  The Accounting department provides customer service and support to internal and external customers by providing timely and reliable financial information.

Contact Us

Accounting Department

Vonda Woods, Director of Accounting Services, 341-3210

Lorisha Biddines, Senior Accountant, 341-3253

Christina Hale, Senior Accountant, 341-3357

Kathryn Cyr, Fiscal and Business Analyst, 341-3106

Julia Rogers, Accounting Support Specialist, 341-3205

Mariah StrehlAccounting Support Specialist, 341-3208

Student Accounting Department

Matthew Zazycki, Accounting Support Specialist, 341-3042

Bonnie Fairbank, Accounting Support Specialist, 341-3441

Gladys Nunamaker, Student Support Specialist, 341-3037