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The Academic Pathways provide an organized look at the path that students just like you have followed to successfully complete their degree.

collapse College : Associate of Arts ‎(103)
collapse College : College of Business ‎(241)
collapse College : College of Computer and Information Technology ‎(283)
collapse College : College of Education ‎(201)
collapse College : College of Health Sciences ‎(428)
collapse College : College of Nursing ‎(69)
collapse College : College of Policy and Legal Studies ‎(75)
collapse College : College of Public Safety Administration ‎(234)
collapse College : Communications Department ‎(20)
collapse College : Engineering and Building Arts Department ‎(244)
collapse College : Fine Arts and Humanities Department ‎(139)
collapse College : Health Sciences Department ‎(79)
collapse College : Hospitality and Tourism Department ‎(112)
collapse College : Mathematics Department ‎(1)
collapse College : Natural Science Department ‎(79)
collapse College : School of Veterinary Technology ‎(58)
collapse College : Social and Behavioral Sciences Department ‎(85)

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