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​​SPC Information Security Incident Response

Information Security responds to and investigates incidents related to misuse or abuse of St. Petersburg College's information technology resources. This includes attacks, breaches and misuse related to information technology as well as unauthorized disclosure, modification or misuse of electronic institutional or personal information.

Emergency IR Procedures

  • For incidents involving threats to personal safety/physical property or criminal activities, immediately contact the local Campus Security and Provost Office.  Please see the policy on threats and violence on campus and the procedures for emergencies.

  • For electronic information or systems security incidents requiring immediate attention contact the helpdesk at (727) 791-2795.

General IR Procedures

Computer Forensic Investigations

  • Requests for computer investigations must be initiated by an acting member of The President's Cabinet or an official designee.  The request must be in the form of an email or direct call to the Chief Information Security Officer. ​

All investigation requests should include the following:​

  • A description of the incident 

  • A specific description of the objective

  • Names of the primary individuals involved in the incident​

  • A timeline which includes all relevant interactions, messages, facts, and events   (Dates, Times, Locations, To/From)

  •  Equipment involved (DBT & Serial No.)
  • Department contacts authorized to assist InfoSec

  • Description of any potential loss of confidential information   ​

  • Names of witnesses and first responders

  • Documentation or logs of the incident ​​​​