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​​​​​​Information Security Awareness​


​ Information Security is dedicated to helping all faculty and staff understand their duty to protect information and systems and to raising awareness of IT risks, vulnerabilities and protection requirements. 



  • Research, study, and advise departments of IT vulnerabilities
  • Devise techniques for cost effective security and privacy of sensitive systems
  • Develop standards, metrics, tests, and validation programs
  • Establish minimum security requirements
  • Promote, measure, and validate security in systems and services
  • Promote secure IT planning, implementation, management and operation​

The topics below delve into some basic issues related to cyber security. These will be addressed using online interactive instruction and testing. Existing or drafted SPC policies or procedures are associated with many of these topics. Please see the policies and procedures manual for details.

The United States Computer Response and Readiness Team (US-CERT) nationally coordinates defense against and responses to cyber-attacks.  The following articles from US-CERT cover many important security issues.

 General Security

Attacks and Threats

Web, Email and Communication

Report Incidents, Phishing, Malware, or Vulnerabilities