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​​​​​Information Security is dedicated to helping all faculty and staff understand their duty to protect information and systems and to raising awareness of IT risks, vulnerabilities and protection requirements. ​ The department provides in-person and online training throughout the academic year.


  • Reduce p​hishing and malware compromises
  • Address yearly compliance training mandate  
  • Reduce security breaches, identity theft, downtime, and reputation loss.  
  • Increase productivity, confidence, trust
  • Avoid increased costs and financial loss ​


​​​​​​​All new St. Petersburg College employees (including student employees) must complete periodic Information Security Awareness Training.  New Administrative & Professional, Career Service, OPS, and student employees are enrolled in a training campaign the week after New Employee Orientation and have 30 days to complete the training. New Faculty and Adjuncts are enrolled in a training campaign the week after New Employee Orientation and have 60 days to complete the training.  All employees are required to take annual, collegewide information security awareness refresher training.  The Information Security department conducts ongoing simulated phishing attacks and recommends remedial training as needed.  Additional department training and simulated phishing attacks can be provided upon request.

To request additional training, please submit your request using the Training Request​ form.

Information Security Topics:

The United States Computer Response and Readiness Team (US-CERT) coordinates defense against and responses to cyber-attacks nationally.  The following articles from US-CERT cover many important security issues.

 General Security

Attacks and Threats

Web, Email and Communication

Report Incidents, Phishing, Malware, or Vulnerabilities